Fun Friday: Human Watching

Do you ever get that funny feeling you’re being watched? It’s not uncommon for me to be in my kayak and get that feeling. And it’s not that uncommon to find that the “watcher” is a deer, in this instance a White-tailed Deer doe that was intently watching me as I slowly kayaked past her during my kayak outing earlier this week. This is one of the reasons I love to photograph from the kayak … you sit so low that you present much less of a threat to wildlife, allowing you capture close-up images. Here is the little lady, intently “human watching”:

White-tailed Deer doe

In another post, I’ll feature another interesting mammal I captured during that kayak outing.

Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 7D Mark 2 body
  • Canon EF 100-400mm, f/4.5-f/5.6 IS lens, shot at 400mm
  • Handheld from the kayak, with IS “ON”
  • ISO 1600
  • Aperture f/5.6
  • Shutter 1/80 sec.



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