Fun Friday: Let’s Make A Deal

Do you want Door #1? … Or Door #2? … Or Door #3?

Today’s post comes from my kayaking excursion that I made Wednesday morning. I was cruising a Missouri waterway, looking for beaver activity as they prepare for the upcoming winter. However, I did not expect to find this scene, the young buck standing on top of the beaver lodge:

Young White-tailed Deer buck on beaver lodge


What I couldn’t capture in the above image (I was too close to the subject with my telephoto lens), is that several of the entrances to the beaver lodge, due to extremely low water levels, were clearly visible above the water level, reminding me of the “Let’s Make A Deal” game show! And here is a photo of the lodge, sans deer, to more clearly show the various “doors” to the beaver lodge, as I saw it with the deer standing above the doors:

Beaver Lodge in drought conditions


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