Fun Friday: Li’l Woodies Out of the Woodwork!

During my last kayak outing, I had just began carrying my camera equipment from the kayak haul-out location to my truck in the nearby parking lot, when I noticed something in the distance that looked a bit “unusual”. I quietly set down my gear and got out my binoculars. Down the waterway, there were six young Wood Ducklings scattered about a downed log (can you spot all 6 of them?):

Very young Wood Duck ducklings


And here is a closeup of one of the pairs on the log:

Closeup of a pair of very young Wood Duck ducklings


But still, no mama duck. But after grabbing a few images, mama flew in and landed just feet from her babies:

Wood Duck hen with 6 young ducklings


… and off they all went, in a long line that disappeared into the tall grass!

After not seeing many wood ducks in the area this spring, it was a fresh breath of air to see that at least one woody hen had already been successful nesting! Hoping to get more images of this family during future outings!



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