Fun Friday: A Little Camera Shy!

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you are probably aware that I have been monitoring a pair of Barn Owls that have taken up residence in a Cass County barn, and possibly beginning to nest in a nest box I built and installed for the landowners.

I have a trail cam that monitors their activity and I pick up the memory card and change batteries every 2-3 weeks. The last time I picked up the card was about 10 days ago. Although I’m still not sure if they are actively nesting, they continue to utilize the nest box and the number of owl pellets I’ve been finding continue to indicate they are busy in the barn. Today’s post contains one of my recent photos of one of the owls:

Adult Barn Owl in flight

as well as links to 3 short videos from the last card I picked up.:

This first video shows one of the owls inside the nest box, while the other owl is seen moving his head in front of the trail cam:

Video #1:


In the second video, again one owl is inside the nest box and the second owl is in front of the trail cam:

Video #2:


And in this last video, the owl has figured out the camera and apparently doesn’t want his picture taken:

Video #3:


I’ll return to the barn next week to check out their most recent activity :o)



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