Fun Friday: Take Me to Your Leader!

Today’s “Fun Friday” post was made during my day trip to Prairie State Park, earlier in the week. Actually, this is a “stacked focus” image, combining 12 individual images into one. Each image has a very small DOF (depth of Field) and each one was made at a different focusing point along the insect’s body, from front to back. The result … one image with most of the insect in sharp focus, while keeping the background out-of-focus (creating a “bokeh”). I don’t use this technique very often, but would like to do more of it. I often have trouble having a subject that is in total calm conditions, i.e., no wind, which is imperative to shoot for the stacked focus technique. I got pretty lucky on this trip!

Hope this alien brings a smile to your face on this “Fun Friday”!

Unusual insect on the prairie


And here is one of the 12 images used for the above processed image, slightly enlarged. You can see the very shallow DOF in this image, as well as a better look at this alien’s head:

Unidentified insect on the prairie


By the way, I haven’t yet identified this unique insect. If you know what it is, I’d appreciate knowing!



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