Fun Friday: “That ‘No Fishing’ Sign? No, Mr. Ranger, I Haven’t Been Fishing!”

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from Anan Creek, Alaska, the location from where I’ve been posting the recent black bear images. When this big guy looked up at me, I couldn’t help but hear the title response from him! Doesn’t he have a guilty-looking face? Like the proverbial “caught with his hand in the cookie jar”!


Black Bear with salmon tail in mouth



I also wanted to share some new art that my good Twitter friend @tinyartjewelry has just finished. She mentioned she had started this artwork some time ago, but was lacking inspiration to finish it until I began posting the recent black bear images … glad I could help “re-inspire” you! Here is a link to her great work:

Black Bear Jewelry


Next week’s posts will have a few more black bear posts, then we’ll move on to some more interesting areas of Alaska!

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