Fun Friday: The Hairy-leaved Prairie Plant”

From yesterday’s prairie outing, I found this “hairy-leaved” prairie plant:

White Caterpillar


You’ve probably already realized that’s not what this is … it is a white caterpillar that is feeding on the underside of a prairie plant. Unfortunately, it was very low to the ground, so I could not get a good shot of the caterpillar. But here is another shot that shows a bit more of the hairy beast:

White Caterpillar


I also found a grayish caterpillar, on an adjacent plant. So, it looks like the butterflies/moths of the prairie are quite active now that the temperatures are in the 90’s and the rain has tempered. I’ve been seeing a lot of activity with the moths and butterflies, and will share some of those images in other posts.



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