Fun Friday: Wacky Bird … or Wacky Photographer?

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from Hallo Bay, where I recently photographed Brown Bears (Ursus arctos) catching salmon as they entered Clint’s Creek for their upstream swim to their spawning grounds. As I sat along the bank of Clint’s Creek, I first noticed this “bird” out of the corner of my eye. As soon as it registered that a bird was sitting in the creek during the low tide, I swung my telephoto lens around to capture it before it flew off. Then I realized that the “bird” was actually just a gnarled piece of driftwood! The sad thing … this happened several times as I focused on a couple of brown bears fishing in the creek. It’s amazing how, after training your eyes/brain to distinguish movement or shape, that you keep picking up on such things! Here is my “bird”:

Now tell me, doesn’t that look like a pelican, or maybe a vulture, sitting in the water, with it’s left wing out and ready to fly off? Or, am I just losing it?  :o)   Happy Friday!

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