Fun Friday: Where’s the Pie?

Don’t know … but I found the Four and Twenty Blackbirds!!!


Blackbirds swarming


Blackbirds swarming



Every evening of my 3-day photo trip to Squaw Creek ended with swarming blackbirds! As sunset got close, we would see multiple groups of blackbirds (and it looked like some cowbirds mixed in, as well) starting to swarm. After making several images of the birds, I slowed my shutter speed way down (1/30 sec.) and shot the last image, above, to blur the birds still swarming around the “destination tree”.

By the way, for those not familiar with the title of this posting, it refers to a childhood nursery rhyme where “Four and Twenty Blackbirds Were Baked in a Pie (then, set before the King). ” I hope I got that right … it’s been many years since hearing that rhyme! :o)

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