Fun Friday: You Take the High Road, I’ll Take the Low Road

Today’s “Fun Friday” post comes from the parking lot of Summit Lake, about 5 miles from the summit of Mount Evans, in Colorado. While driving to the summit, I always stop by Summit Lake to check out the wildlife. Most of the time, I will see either Bighorn Sheep ewes and newborn lambs, or Mountain Goat nannies and kids. And on a really good day, both will be there!

On this trip, there were about 12-15 goats around the parking lot. As I photographed them, this pair of young kids were busy playing on one of the boulders:

Mountain Goat kids at play

At only ~ a month old, the mountain goat kids are always playing and stumbling over each other. Makes it a bit difficult to get good, sharp images when they’re keeping you in stitches! :o)

Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 7D body
  • Canon EF100mm-400mm, f/4.5 – f/5.6 IS lens, shot at 200mm
  • Handheld, with IS “On”
  • ISO 500
  • Aperture f/5
  • Shutter 1/320 sec.



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