“Fun Friday”

Today’s post is a “Fun Friday” post … nothing too extravagant, just an image that I had fun making! I’m featuring a Beaver image from one of this week’s kayak outings. This image was a fun one for me because it truly was a close-up experience with this adult beaver. When I arrive and launch the kayak, usually ~15 minutes before sunrise, I have a special little spot to where I usually immediately travel. This spot is my “starting point” for several reasons. First, it is in a clearing and is surrounded by American Lotus plants, and it is not uncommon to have something swimming out of the heavy Lotus growth into the clearing. Secondly, this area has a reasonably clear section of shore, so is a good place to see Raccoons.

Not long after I reached this clearing, one of the adult beavers swam by me. The beavers are getting accustomed to seeing me in the kayak, so are not really afraid of me. In fact, it is very rare to get a “tail slap” from one of the beavers anymore. Sometimes the beavers will go under the water before they reach the kayak and then swim under the kayak, surfacing on the other side; usually they leave a trail of bubbles right up to the kayak when they do this! But this guy was not nervous at all and swam above water and continued past, within ~25 feet from the kayak, where he stopped and lay on the water surface, intently watching me:

Beaver close-up

Some stats on this image: Image was taken ~8 minutes after sunrise, but with the surrounding woodlands, sun was not yet visible. Image taken at ISO 6400, 1/400 sec @ f/8 (Canon 100mm-400mm lens + 1.4x TC, mounted on Canon 1D Mark-3 body). Handheld from kayak. Using ISO of 6400, there was some noise in the darker portions of the image; image was processed using a noise reduction program.

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