Golden Beauty

After Glacier NP, my next stop was a place I really love … I’ve been there several times and I’m never disappointed. The place … Lee Metcalf NWR, in southwest Montana. One of the subjects I was after there was the nesting Osprey, but I’ll save those images for another, upcoming post. Today, I’m featuring a favorite of mine, one that I often shoot from a kayak back in Missouri … the Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas). Here are some of my favorite images I captured as these little beauties quickly flitted about the cattails and other marsh plants:

Common Yellowthroat

Common YellowthroatCommon YellowthroatCommon Yellowthroat


In the first 2 images, he has a small insect in his bill. Later, one of these small warblers came in close and sang to me … made for a great morning on the refuge!



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