Great Blue Heron Rookery – Update

Thought I’d post a couple images of my last visit to this nearby rookery. My last post from this location included a few images just after the two eggs hatched in one nest. Today’s post shows the two “toddlers” at about 2 weeks old.

This first image is what the nest looks like when the youngsters are lying down. Note the two tufts of hair:

Great Blue Heron Chicks in the nest

And when the two are up and about:

Great Blue Heron Chicks in the nest

One interesting thing I noted during this trip to the rookery was that this is the only nest that had the young in the nest alone. In all the other nest that I could see, at least one of the parents were in the nest at all times with the little ones. Makes me wonder, is this is a “single parent” nest? Is fishing so “bad” that both parents must be out fishing to get enough food for the youngsters? I will just have to spend some more time here to try to figure out what is going on.

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