Great Blue Heron Rookery Update

A while back, I published a post on a Great Blue Heron rookery that is not too far from me.  At that time, I was focusing on one nest that I could get a pretty clean shot to, through the trees. And at that time, the nest had eggs that were being incubated by the adults. Since then, I visited the nest again, a week ago … still incubating eggs. Then I visited the nest this past Friday evening. Here is the view I saw when I got there and set up my gear:


Was the adult heron standing to take a break from incubating the eggs, or were there babies in the nest? I just watched for some time, wondering if any babies were there.  A while later, this was the scene:

Without warning, this chick raised his head up to look around. Wobbly and uncertain, he gently waivered about. I knew he was less than a week old as no chicks were there last weekend.  Now, I wondered how many chicks there were.  It didn’t take long to find out:

A second, fuzzly little head! Now, were there more? I patiently waited, but 2 was it. I watched and photographed the 2 over an hour. But most of the time they would lower back down and sleep, another indication they were newborns. I really wanted to get some shots of the little ones feeding, but the opportunity never arose. But there was one close call. An adult GB Heron flew in to the rookery, with the usual “croaking” sound.  When that happened, both chicks immediately perked up and looked towards the sky … food delivery time? Even the adult in the nest with the chicks arched his head skyward to see the incoming heron. But the incoming heron landed in the nest immediately above the nest I was photographing. Here is the scene as the incoming heron made his approach to the nest:

I will be monitoring this nest on a weekly basis to photograph the progress of the 2 little ones. As appropriate, I will add updated posts with images on my blog. Next week, I’m hoping to get some images of the little ones being fed!

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