Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today’s post was posted on Halloween in 2012. Wishing everyone a Boo-tiful weekend!
On this Halloween day, I’m featuring some Boo-tiful creatures from a local Missouri prairie that I captured one October morning in the fall of 2010. When fall comes to the prairie, there often are many magnificent spider webs that can be found. With a backdrop of fall colors, it can be a wonderful find, even sans spider:

Spider web in fall colors

And the common dragonflies found in this prairie are mandated to a slower pace, especially in the early, crisp morning with a good frost:

Frosted Dragonfly

This little guy was so frosted that he could not move for over an hour! Trying to capture extreme closeups of dragonflies is normally quite a challenge, usually impossible, but on this day’s venture on the prairie, I could approach this cutie as close as I wanted … no flying away this morning! Having such freedom for closeups, I moved in extraordinarily close with my macro lens and captured a closeup as never before:

Frosted Dragonfly closeup

But I did not stay that close very long … no need to worry the little guy. Just a quick few shots, then on to find other fall prairie critters.

On this Halloween day, I’m wishing each of you a Boo-tiful day! If you enjoyed this blog post, please feel free to send a link to your friends and other photographers that you think will enjoy it!




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