Is It Real, or Is It Memorex (2012)?

Take a quick peek at this image and, without reading further down, give me your impression … is it real? what is going on? anything look strange to you?

Great Blue Heron reflection, turned 180-degrees

Well, the above image was rotated 180-degrees. Here is what the actual image looked like:

Reflection of a Great Blue Heron, in extremely still waters

This was simply a reflection of the Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) in the refuge water! It is very unusual to catch the waters so still. Except for some “movement” around the head and a lack of good color saturation, the reflection looks like another heron in the water! This heron was very cooperative and allowed me to be very close (I was using my vehicle as a blind, but was just feet from the water where he was hunting), which is very difficult to do around here. Most of our herons are very skittish and will not tolerate humans being close. Here are a couple more images of this trusting bird:

Great Blue Heron profile

Great Blue Heron closeup

Be looking for another post with this bird … he was a very successful fisherman!

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