Kayaking with the Beavers

Once again, I am now able to kayak with a local population of American Beavers (Castor canadensis). After having no luck at photographing the beavers at my favorite kayak area on Friday, yesterday morning I launched Rubber Ducky in the other area where I have had good luck in being with the oversized rodents. This time, I had success! It didn’t take long after I kayaked near the lodge, when one of the little guys saw me and announced my arrival with a loud tail-slap on the water! I maneuvered the kayak into an area that appeared to be their route to/from the lodge. Watching and photographing for ~2 hours, I counted at least 3 beavers that were residing in this lodge. And one of the larger beavers was seen taking green plant material back to the lodge … looks like someone is building a nest!

Here are a couple of images I made yesterday morning. The first image was made as the sun was rising over the horizon and tried to pierce the dense fog that had settled in over the water:


Beaver swimming near lodge, in sunrise light and fog



This next image has “Fun Friday” written all over it, but I’ll go ahead and share it. As this larger beaver swam around the area I was parked, he seemingly swam behind a gnawed-off plant stem and stopped, as if hiding from me behind the stem:


Beaver "hiding" behind plant stalk


Except for the initial tail-slap, the beavers seemed to be quite comfortable with me around them … maybe they remember me from last year! Looking forward to kayaking with them on a regular basis again this year :o)





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