Landscaped Whales!

In this final post on Humpback Whales from the recent photo workshop I led in Alaska, I decided to shoot some images at a wider angle than what I had been doing. I had already gotten some nice up-close images and other behavioral images that were on my “to do list” (that is, all but breaching, which we only saw once and at a great distance away), and the scenery was so outrageous, along with the moodiness of the ever changing sky, that I had to capture a few “landscaped” whales.

So I shot most of these images with either my 28mm-135mm lens, or my 100mm-400mm lens with the focal length at 100mm. This, of course, makes the whales in the image smaller, but allows the surrounding scenery to be included in the image. Here are a few of my favorites:


Humpback Whales fluke in front of scenic mountain, AlaskaTwo Humpback Whales fluking



Pod of Humpback Whales spoutingA pod of Humpback Whales “spouting” at the same time



Humpback Whale flukes, with lighthouse in backgroundA Humpback Whale flukes with a scenic lighthouse in the background



Two Humpback Whales fluke simultaneouslyA pair of Humpback Whales practice “synchronized fluking”



Pod of Humpback Whales spoutA long line of Humpback Whales in a pod, “spouting”



I can never get too much of these guys! But I promise, I’ll stop the Humpback Whale posts and move on to other subjects. Tomorrow, another sea mammal is captured by my camera’s pixels, as we make a brief stop in Petersburg, Alaska, to get a few supplies before continuing our southerly travel towards Anan Creek and the much-awaited black bears!

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