LeConte Bay 2011, Conclusion

In this final post of LeConte Bay and Glacier, let me show another wildlife species we saw there, the Mountain Goat (Oreamnos americanus). As we cruised down the bay and headed towards the glacier, we noticed a female mountain goat with a rare sight … two kids!


LeConte Mountain Goats


A female with 2 kids is rather rare; typically, a female has only one kid and it stays with her until another one is born the following birthing season.

We then turned the jetboat around and headed back to the mouth of LeConte Bay. As we were leaving, we passed many neat sights, such as this roaring waterfall that emptied into LeConte Bay (remember how I mentioned it had been raining a lot? I have never seen waterfalls in this area, carrying the amount of water that we saw on this trip!):


LeConte Waterfalls


Scenic LeConte Bay


LeConte Bay Scenic



But perhaps the coolest sight was seen when we were leaving the bay. Looking back, a beautiful rainbow was smiling back at us!


Rainbow over LeConte Bay



The next day, we all boarded Delphinus, our 50-foot home for the next 10 days. After my “Fun Friday” post, the next post will resume with our first day on the water. You won’t want to miss our first day’s encounters with tons (yeh, pun intended) of humpback whales and a special encounter with a pod of transient Orcas!




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