Let’s Get Small!

Today, I’m leaving the world of Bald Eagles behind … at least for a few days, and venturing into the world of Macro Photography. Today, I’m featuring an interesting insect that I found in the natural prairie meadow that is near my home in south Cass County. While wandering about the prairie land in late summer, photographing wildflowers and dragonflies, I stumbled upon this interesting little guy that was perched on a tall blade of grass:

Interesting prairie insect on blade of grass

My attempts to identify this insect have me believing this is a Thread-waisted Wasp (Ammophila spp.) but if I am wrong, I’d appreciate a correction by one of my blog readers. The thing I like about this image is the insect’s shadow on the tall blade of grass, that seems to add a bit of balance and interest to the image. After viewing this image on the blog, I wished I’d cropped a bit of “blank area” from the righthand side of the image … I may do that later and see how that looks.

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