Little Giant

Last week I ran a private, in-the-field macro workshop for a photographer that had taken one of my digital photograph classes last fall. We went to the prairie meadow that I have published posts on several times, knowing that there would be ample opportunities for macro photography with wildflowers and dragonflies. We had a wonderful time and my student had plenty of opportunities for some nice macro images. Near the end of our meadow work, we ran across some unidentified insect (fly?) on some wildflower leaves (if anyone knows the ID of these “little giants”, please let me know).

The first image shows a good overall view of this little insect … a glistening gold/green color on the body, and what long legs on this little fellow!

Fly on wildflower leaf

While photographing this little guy, he suddenly flew off, but returned almost as quickly as he left. In his mouth was a small flying insect:

Fly with insect in mouth

Seems like most every field trip I make, I’m amazed at some facet of nature that bestows it’s beauty upon me … and today was no exception. In a few days, I will be sharing some more images from this incredible prairie meadow.

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