Male Golden-Crowned Kinglet

Well, after telling everyone I got snookered at my little trip out to photograph a male Golden-crowned Kinglet (Regulus satrapa), I downloaded my images and began the editing process. Lo and behold, I DID capture a male during yesterday’s shoot! These guys are so small and yesterday’s encounter was not a particularly close one; when I reviewed the images on my large monitor, it was very obvious the kinglet I photographed was a male … notice the unmistakable strip of orange color running down the center of this kinglet’s golden crown:

Golden-crowned Kinglet, male

Even though I managed to capture this image, I’m not really satisfied with it. First, I had to crop quite a bit to get a decent-sized image (the small bird was just too far away). Second, note the shadow that falls over the bird’s left eye (a shadow from one of the twigs). I’m sure that with a little persistence, I will be able to get much better images of this little guy. So ……. guess where I’m headed for right now? :o)

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