Maroon Bells Campsite Wildflowers

While camping in Maroon Bells just a few short days ago, I was in awe at the wildflowers that graced the campsite. During past visits here, there were always some wildflowers in bloom, but this year’s plentiful rainfall had the campsite bustin’ out in colors! Here are a few of the wildflowers that were in my campsite:

One of the dominant wildflowers at camp was an Aster wildflower (not sure of species). They seemed to be everywhere!

Aster wildflower

Aster wildflower


And this little bud was found growing among some of the asters, so it likely is an aster, also (see first photo, above, appears to be one of these growing in the clump of asters there, too):

Aster wildflower


A familiar wildflower from my Alaska travels, the Cow Parsnip, was also at the campsite:

Cow Parsnip wildflower


Several clumps of a White Geranium were growing adjacent to the tent:

White Geranium wildflower

White Geranium wildflower


Just a short distance from the cleared out campsite area, I found many little Mountain Harebell Bellflowers growing:

Mountain Harebell Bellflower wildflower


And I’m not sure about this one, but it was growing among the bellflowers, so I’m guessing it also is a bud of this little gem:

Mountain Harebell Bellflower wildflower bud


And one that I have not a clue to it’s identity:

Unidentified wildflower


So you can see that my campsite was beautifully landscaped for me!



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