Meadow in a Bubble

While in the prairie meadow the other morning, after a heavy dew from overnight showers and the early morning humidity, I ran across this wildflower plant (not yet in bloom and unidentified at this time) that had a water droplet hanging from the junction where the side-shoot meets the plant’s main stalk. As I set up my tripod and camera to capture this interesting scene, I noticed that I could see reflections of nearby wildflower plants within the droplet.

Water droplet on wildflower in meadow

Also interesting is the mass of small bubbles hanging from the plant. At the time, I was thinking they might be butterfly eggs, but have since come to the conclusion that this is likely something else. First, most butterflies lay eggs singly, or in small groups, not en masse like this. Second, this phenomenon was observed on many different types of wildflower plants, not on a single species or even on multiple species within a single plant genus. Thus, it is more likely that these are something completely different. If anyone knows what this is, I’d appreciate an ID! 

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