Meeow …

While kayaking one day, I happened to be sitting under some trees that hung out over the water. It was then that I heard the unmistakable sound of a feline bird in the trees … a Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinesis). Looking up into the trees, I spotted the beautiful bird on a perch not far above me:

Gray Catbird

The gray catbird is all gray with a black cap, and about the size of a robin. The gray catbird not only sings the familiar “meeow” call, but has quite a playlist of available calls including mimicing other birds’ calls … similar to the Northern Mockingbird’s calls. It is quite common at this location to be serenaded by this lovely bird when I’m sitting still in the kayak:

Gray Catbird singing

The gray catbird also has a small, inconspicuous reddish-brown patch under the base of the tail. This patch is often not easily seen, but it s good indicator of it’s identity:

Gray Catbird

The gray catbird is somewhat skittish and tends to want to “hide” behind foliage in the trees. But the quiet maneuverability of the kayak makes it easier to be able to get into position to see him better. But I really enjoy sitting in the kayak, waiting for wildlife to appear, and be serenaded with a variety of calls, including a gentle “Meeow” … !

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