Minnesota – Illgen Falls

During our recent Minnesota trip, we stopped and photographed several waterfalls along the North Shore area. In this blog post, I am highlighting Illgen Falls, which is located on the Baptism River. Illgen Falls is not a large waterfall, weighing in at ~45 feet tall, but is a very photogenic waterfall. The Baptism River has a brown tint to the water, as do several of the rivers in this area; a sign at one of the falls noted that this is a result of the water’s acidity. Just prior to the falls, the Baptism River has a series of rapids that lead to the falls. In this post, I have included both pre-falls rapids and the falls.

In this first image, water is rushing over rocks in this rather shallow portion of the Baptism River, just feet before dropping over the falls:

Rapids leading to Illgen Falls


In the next image, a close-up view of the pre-falls area, you can see that the river level drops about 2 feet, resulting in a “mini falls”, just prior to the main waterfall:

Rapids leading to Illgen Falls


After this mini falls, the river drops over the edge, into the main Illgen Falls:

Illgen Falls


Although Illgen Falls is not a large waterfall by most standards, it is very aesthetically pleasing to see. The next post will feature Glen Avon Falls, another waterfall in the area, on the Beaver River in the North Shore area. If you missed the first Minnesota post, on the Split Rock Lighthouse, here is a link to it:

Minnesota – Split Rock Lighthouse

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