Monday Morning Blues? Me, too!

Bluebells, that is. Saturday I conducted an in-the-field woodland wildflower photography workshop. As it turned out, a lot of interested people had other commitments, so the workshop was essentially a “private lesson” with one attendee! But that was ok, easier on the instructor and more time for individualized instruction. It also allowed me some photography time for my own stock photography.

We saw about a dozen different species of woodland wildflowers, but today I’m focusing on the many bluebell (Mertensia virginica) images I made. Bluebells are one of my favorite woodland wildflowers and they are abundant in many of the area woodlands. At the private location where I held the workshop, there are thousands of bluebell plants (that is the reason I chose this location for this workshop). I was at this location about 5 days before the workshop and some of the plants were blooming, but most of the plants had many small buds on them and I estimated the peak bloom to be at the time I scheduled the workshop. Well, as it turned out, we had some wet, cold weather for a couple of days before the workshop and I believe the peak may still be a few days off! But the workshop still had an abundant bloom, so it really didn’t affect anything. We had lots of fun and walked away with many interesting images.

Here are a few of my favorite “blues” images from yesterday. First, some of the bluebells that were in bloom:

Bluebell wildflowers in bloom


Some plants had blooms, with some buds waiting to transform into the beautiful bells:

Bluebell wildflowers in bloom


And this plant, with buds only, which I’ve appropriately titled “Beggin’ to Bust Out”:

Bluebell wildflower buds


Wildlife? Yes, we even had a few small “critters” show up for the party, such as this little honey bee:

Honey Bee looking over the Bluebell blooms


And this colorful Bumble Bee, so excited with the bloom that he almost disappeared into the flower!

Bumble Bee with his head inside a Bluebell wildflower


In some upcoming posts, I’ll feature some of the other wildflower species we managed to capture on the workshop. If you’re interested in attending one of my upcoming wildflower workshops, drop me an e-mail ( and let me know.


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