Monday Morning Blues

Hope your Labor Day was a great one! Mine? Well, I had the Monday Morning Blues. But that’s not bad. The blues I’m talking about is the Blue Sage wildflower (Salvia azurea). If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the Blue Sage is one of my favorite wildflowers. A summer bloomer on our prairies, this perennial wildflower grows 36″-60″ tall. Each flower on the flower stalk is about the size of a dime, and looks quite dainty. But the Blue Sage is really quite hardy … it even puts up real nicely with my bumbling around the prairie! Here are some of my favorite Blue Sage images from yesterday’s stroll in the meadow:

Blue Sage wildflower, growing on a Missouri prairie

Blue Sage wildflower, growing on a Missouri prairie

And when I was finishing my meadow walk, I came upon another stand of these wildflowers. While photographing this patch, I noticed that one of the plants had a tenant … some kind of small spider was partially hidden among the flowers:

Blue Sage wildflower, with a small spider, on a Missouri prairie


I wanted to try another angle for shooting, to see if I could get a better image for identification. But I was afraid that I would scare him deep into the plant’s foliage, so I decided not to push my luck. I’m heading back out to the prairie this morning, so I’ll see if I can find him for another photo session!

Coming up, I’ll share more wildflowers and meadow critters I found on yesterday’s prairie walk.  :o)



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