More Black Bear Cubs

Today I’m posting a few more images of the black bear cubs from Anan Creek, Alaska. Most of these images are of the two spring cubs that I featured in an earlier post. In this first image, mom is taking time out of her busy fishing schedule for a bit of family time with the cubs:


Black Bear sow and spring cubs socializing



After a couple of minutes, mom descends to creek level to catch a fish. Meanwhile, the “tots” stay atop the rocks, watching mom (below them and out of the photo):


Black Bears watching mom fish


Black Bear cubs wait for mom




Clumsily climbing the rocks was the agenda for the two tots:


Black Bear spring cubs climbing rocks




Within a few minutes, one of the cubs began playing around the rocks while the other one began to pay more attention to our small group (we were on the opposite side of the creek, directly across from the trio). Here are a couple of images of the “attentive” one:


Black Bear spring cub watches me


Black Bear spring cub watching our group




At one point, another sow with a pair of spring cubs showed up, walking along the edge of Anan Creek and on our side of the creek!


Black Bear sow with her 2 spring cubs



And another mom, with a single spring cub, appeared across the creek and “rode the logs” down the steep embankment to get to the creek:


Black Bear sow and spring cub arrive at Anan Creek


For a brief moment, we had 5 spring cubs around us at one time!

Tomorrow’s “Fun Friday” post will also include a photo from this wonderful location, and then I will conclude our stop at Anan Creek with a few more black bear images next week, including some fishing images.

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