More Images from the Prairie Meadow (Re-post)

(This post originally published in August, 2010)

Continuing from yesterday’s post of recent images from my nearby prairie meadow (if you missed that post, click on this link: Yesterday in the Prairie Meadow), today’s post has a few wildflowers and an interesting critter I ran across. As you may recall, there was an extremely heavy dew that morning, along with a nice blanket of fog. The result: great photo ops everywhere! So let’s see what I’m featuring today!

This first image shows the extreme dew that was present in the meadow. This image shows the heavy dew on a twig from one of the shrub-like plants in the meadow:

Dewdrops on a Prairie Meadow branch


This next image shows the dew on one of the many thistles (Cirsium vulgare) that are just starting to bloom in the meadow:

Thistle with heavy dew


This next image is a prairie grass (species unknown), covered with dew. This grass, with it’s brilliant color and heavy dew, caught my eye rather quickly as I wandered the meadow:

Prairie Grass with heavy dewdrops


But this next image is probably my favorite from the day. As I was snaking my way around the meadow (the sunflowers and ragweed are now about 6-7 feet tall) I stopped and was looking over a possible photo op when this little Mayfly (species not yet determined) flew right by me and landed about 3 feet away. As I moved in closer, I noticed that he had lots of small drops of dew still all over his body … I wondered how he could have possibly flown! The first image is the full-size image, showing the entire Mayfly. The subsequent image is a tightly-cropped image of the first one, allowing you to see the dew drops all over him:

Mayfly with heavy dewdrops


Mayfly with heavy dewdrops (enlarged)


And one more thing. When I got home from the shoot, my pants were totally soaked from the dew in the meadow. I was easily able to wring water out of the pant legs! And my hiking socks would swish in water as I walked. I had tucked my pant legs into my boots and water wicked from my pant legs, down my pants (inside the rubber boots) and soaked up some felt liners I wear in the boots, causing me to “swish” when I walked … now that’s wet! But I’m not complaining … this was a very productive day for me!

Tomorrow’s post will be some more prairie meadow work. I have several interesting wildflowers and some butterflies & caterpillers that I’d like to share with you. A reminder … if you want to be sure not to miss any of my posts, I now have “auto notification” that you can sign up for. Then, whenever I post something to my blog, you will get an e-mail notification with a direct link to the post. To sign up, just go to the “Subscribe” icon (looks like an envelope) that is located in the upper righthand corner of this post; click on “Profile” which takes you to a sign-up box. Just enter the required information and you’re good to go!

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