Neurosurgery Update

I want to issue a sincere Thank You to everyone who responded to yesterday’s blog post, or on Facebook. It is so wonderful to have so many, great friends.

Earlier today, I had my followup doctor’s appointment with my neurosurgeon, Dr. John Clough. Actually, the doctor was in surgery, so I met with his head nurse. As reported in my previous post (“20-Cent Neurosurgery”) a couple of days ago, I recently experienced a subdermal hematoma and needed corrective, neurosurgery to removed the pooled blood from around my brain. Here are some of the results of the meeting with the neurosurgeon’s nurse today:

  • Effective immediately, I am now able to lift more than the previous limit of 5 pounds. I walked into the meeting with a calculated weight 0f 13 pounds for my camera body, macro lens, tripod, and tripod head. I was told that this seemed reasonable, as long as I used common sense (i.e., if any difficulties, stop carrying that amount of weight, don’t carry that amount for long distances, etc.).
  • I can only do prairie walks with someone else by my side, or when it is only a short distance from the parking lot.
  • I got approval to do the upcoming “Artfest Midwest: The Other Art Show” in Des Moines, Iowa on June 27-28. I just need to be prudent while packing/unloading, and in doing the show.
  • I got tentative approval for an much anticipated shoot in August at Devil’s Tower in northeast Wyoming (will be shooting the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, as well as a “new moon” (i.e., totally dark) with the Milky Way.
  • Continue taking anti-seizure medication (as a precaution) and continue not taking my daily baby aspirin, until everything is totally resolved.
  • I can now drive, as along as I “feel good”. If I start feeling dizzy, dazed, etc., I am to discontinue driving.
  • I have to continue to refrain from mowing or riding my tractor.

In addition to all these precautions, I will be having another CT scan done, within a couple of weeks, to see how the injury/surgery are is healing. Once healing is shown to be “normal” (that could be this next CT scan, or a subsequent scan), then additional restrictions will be lifted.

The nurse was pleased with my current status and said she could tell that I was pretty much back to normal. Hopefully, that trend will continue :o)

On the way home, we stopped at a computer store and I was able to find a Mac-compatible keyboard that has “high profile” keys, making it easier to type and with my fingers remaining on the keys. I hope to get it installed later this evening, or tomorrow.  :o)



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