New “Life Bird”

During one of last week’s kayak outings, I found a new “Life Bird”. Wasn’t sure what it even was when I saw it.  As I paddled to the area I’d been photographing warblers, there it was, standing at water’s edge and under the cover of the bank’s canopy.  It didn’t seem to be too worried about me being there.  It just flinched a bit, then kept moving about as it foraged for food.  When I arrived home, I downloaded images I had made of the mystery bird, and I pulled out some of my bird identification books.  After a bit of fumbling around, I spotted it in one of my books, a Sora (Porzana carolina).

Reading up on the Sora, I found that it is in the rail family.  The distribution maps show that we are in the very southern edge of this bird’s normal summer range.  Guess that’s why I had never seen one before.  The Sora feeds both in the water and on the ground, eating aquatic insects and weed seeds.  It’s normal habitat is in salt and freshwater marshes and wet meadows.  Let me introduce you to my new friend:

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