Pack Creek (Photo Workshop Day 2), Part 2

In the previous trip post, we had just reached Pack Creek, our destination for photographing brown bears. Once we got anchored in the bay, we all grabbed our photo equipment, loaded into the skiff, and headed to shore. Pack Creek has 2 viewing areas: a viewing tower that you can climb and get a bird’s-eye view of Pack Creek bears fishing in Pack Creek, and a viewing area along a spit that is on the shore of Pack Creek. Once we landed on shore, we got on the trail that leads to the viewing tower.

The viewing tower is about a half-mile hike, but the scenery is absolutely stunning … an old growth forest, covered with moss growing everywhere! Upon reaching the tower, we climbed the ladder for a really great view of the area. There were a couple of brown bears in the creek, but they were a little ways off and behind some overhanging trees. But on the other side of the tower, we saw this wonderful scene, an adult River Otter (Lutra canadensis) with a young otter :


River Otter adult and young


While we watched them, they watched us for a couple of minutes, then slid into the water. Since our day was beginning to slip away from us, we decided to hike back to the beach and check out the spit area.

Reaching the trailhead, we walked a short distance to the trail leading to the spit. After a short walk, we reached the viewing area in time to see this big guy emerge from the woods and head for the creek:


Brown Bear


Brown Bear



We soon returned to the Delphinus for another great meal, followed by another photo class. By then, we were all ready to hit the sack to get some rest before some more Pack Creek adventures the following day.

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