Pack Creek, the Final Post

Today’s post will be the last one from Pack Creek. After watching the brown bear sow “kick out” her 2-3 year old cub, we all got dressed for the skiff ride to shore and then hiked to the Pack Creek spit viewing area. When we arrived (we were the only ones there, except for an armed US Forest Service agent), we set up our tripods and cameras and waited for the bear show to begin. It didn’t take long!

Within just a few minutes, several brown bears began appearing from the woods and from upstream. Here are a few images:


Brown Bear running after salmonBrown Bear chasing salmon in Pack Creek


Brown Bear with salmon… and the catch!


Brown Bear sow and yearling sharing salmon… and sharing it with Junior!


In the last image, note the number of gulls/terns. Whenever a fish catch is made, the birds all flock to the area, waiting for the scraps! … nature’s hard-working, waste refuge system!



Brown Bear standingBrown Bear sow standing, to check out other nearby bears


Brown Bear snorkelingOne method bears use to catch fish … “snorkeling”


Brown Bear watching usBrown Bear sow momentarily stops snorkeling … time to “people watch”


Brown Bear sow and cub share a salmonAnother fish is caught … and Junior is watching in anticipation … still hungry!


Brown Bear sow and cub approaches usAdrenaline Rush!  Mom and cub approaches us very closely


Brown Bear SowMom gets ahead of Junior, so she turns around to make sure we’re not bothering him (no way, mom!)


We then packed up our gear and hiked back to Delphinus. Next stop? Head back southward, with our goal of reaching Anan Creek (black bears) in a couple of days! If you missed any of the Pack Creek posts, here are links to them:

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