Petersburg Small Boat Harbor

Today’s post includes some images I made around the Petersburg small boat harbor. Not really nature photography, but another love of mine … shooting scenics around small harbors, but Petersburg has some interesting sights. So, I’ll share some images of this area today, then we’ll move on to what we really came to Alaska for … nature photography in Southeast Alaska!

Anytime I travel to a small harbor community, I like to check out the harbor area. I especially love to photograph the small boats and scenery at these locations. And often the reflections in the water are mesmerizing to me! But not much sunshine on my days at the harbor … rain was the order of the day for us, every day in Petersburg. In fact, you know it’s been raining a lot whenever you hear the locals complaining of rain! As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Southeast communities were setting rainfall records for the month of August.

Here are a few images of small boats docked in the harbor:


Petersburg small boat harbor


By the way, note the lime-colored kayak sitting on top of the boat in the upper lefthand side of the above photo? This is the Delphinus, the 50-foot boat that I was on when I led the photo workshop.



View of Petersburg's small boat harbor


In the above photo, you can see from the reflections that we managed to squeak out a few moments of blue skies between the frequent rain showers! And the large, green building in the background is one of several large fish processing plants in Petersburg. Lots of fishing in and around Petersburg!



Old Petersburg


Above: The “old” part of Petersburg!

And just a short walk from the actual harbor, Petersburg has built a wonderful memorial to all it’s lost fishermen. Note the Nordish boat … Petersburg was heavily influenced via the Nordish people as the town was established:


Fishermen's Memorial in Petersburg, Alaska


Fishermen's Memorial in Petersburg, Alaska


A walk around the memorial conjures up thoughts of what these lost fishermen must have been like to know them:


Memorial to a lost fisherman


And back at the harbor proper, a lone gull sits atop a post, as if it is the sentinel:


Gull on post at Petersburg harbor


Tomorrow, we start our workshop via a “pre-trip” jetboat trip to the beautiful LeConte Glacier … don’t miss this epic journey of the glacier trip and the subsequent workshop … bears, whales, eagles, luscious scenery all await you!

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