Prairie Meadow Caterpillars

While editing some recent images today, I ran across a couple different caterpillars from my recent trips to the nearby Prairie Meadow. I did a search of my field guide books, followed by a quick internet search and did not readily find the identification for either of these caterpillars, so I must keep looking. But I wanted to go ahead and share them as they were a joy to see and photograph!

The first caterpillar was noted on some young sumac plants (small shrubs) growing in the meadow. In fact on one plant there were probably a dozen of them crawling around. Here is the first species seen:



And this next image was thrown in because it was one of my favorites of this critter. The fall-like color of the sumac immediately caught my eye:

Caterpillar on sumac

And, saving the “best” for last, this little guy was a real treat to find … so colorful. I don’t recall ever seeing one like this before, but quite a beauty! Can’t wait to find out what lovely critter this little guy will turn into!


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