Roadrunner Makes Permanent Stop in LA

A while back, I wrote a blog post about one of my brown bear images that was going to be featured as part of a bear safety kiosk in Glacier National Park (“Stalling for Time …”). Well, 2013 has started off well for me and I now have an image that will be used in a permanent display at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (California). This display, tentatively titled “Nature Lab”, features the biodiversity of nature in Los Angeles, and the effects of our changing environment on the wildlife in the Los Angeles area. The exhibit is scheduled to open to the public on June 08, 2013. I was contacted early in the year by one of the museum personnel, inquiring about using one of my Greater Roadrunner eating a grasshopper image. The museum created a graphic panel of this image that will be part of the exhibit:

Greater Roadrunner graphic panel used by Natural History Museum of LA County


It was a real joy working with the good folks at the museum, on this project. If the exhibit is anything like the interactions I had with them, it should be a topnotch exhibit! If you live in the Los Angeles area, or are planning a trip to the area, you might drop by and see “Roady” and the rest of his friends in the exhibit. At this time, it is scheduled to be a permanent exhibit … at least for the next 10 years. Information on the museum and admission can be found at this link:  Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County



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