Shooting Stars in My Future?

I’m currently finalizing my booth at the Stillwater Arts Festival in Oklahoma. Since I don’t have a lot of time, I’m featuring a spring prairie wildflower that I found 3 years ago, about this time of year, at Prairie State Park in southwest Missouri. When I pack up and head back home, I’m stopping by Prairie State Park for a couple of days of shooting spring prairie wildflowers, and hopefully a few bison mixed in with them! I’m hoping that another Shooting Star may be in my future! Enjoy and I’ll be posting new blog posts real soon!

Today’s post features a “life” wildflower that I found while hiking the prairies of Prairie State Park (southwest Missouri) a couple of weeks ago. Here is the gem I came across:

Shooting Star wildflower

And a close-up image of the flower:

Shooting Star wildflower

Upon returning home, I consulted several online and hardcopy guides and found this to be a Shooting Star (Dodecatheon meadia), which is in the Primrose Family. It grows in prairies of eastern, central and southern Missouri. The plant can sometimes be found in woods, but will not flower well in shaded areas. Flower colors can be either pink or white … I only found white flowered Shooting Stars on the prairie. The plant can grow up to ~2 feet tall. I was impressed with this wildflower and hope to see many more on my prairie hikes!

Photographic Equipment Used:

Not recorded (and original photos, with metadata, is not available on this trip)



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