Shuttle Atlantis and Int’l Space Station

Although nature is my real focus when I pull out the camera, I’m also very interested in astrophotography, photography of astronomical subjects. Whenever a meteor shower is predicted, I will always be there (if a clear sky allows) to photograph it. Another fun event that I try to shoot is a “flyby” of the International Space Station (ISS), or a space shuttle (SS). This past Thanksgiving evening, I was able to photograph both the ISS and SS Atlantis. Earlier in the day, the SS Atlantis had undocked from the ISS as it prepared to return to Earth. For a few hours, SS Atlantis followed the ISS across the sky. In the early evening hours, both the SS and ISS performed a “double flyby”. During this spectacular sight, the ISS could be seen zooming across the clear, starry sky, with the SS Atlantis following it. Fortunately, I had my camera set up on a tripod and was ready when the pair came into view. I managed to take several, long-exposure shots. One of my favorite was the shot below, taken over 26 seconds. The two spacecraft are traveling from the lower left to the upper right in this photo. The lead vehicle (slightly lower, and a bit brighter than the second vehicle) is the ISS.

SS Atlantis and ISS double flyby

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