Size Doesn’t Always Matter!

… and here’s another good example! As I was paddling back toward the parking lot at the end of yesterday’s kayak outing, I looked up to see a hawk (Red-tailed?) landing in a dead tree just ahead of me. No sooner did the hawk land, he was again airborn … with a Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) hot on his tail. As the duo approached directly overhead, I rattled off a few images from the kayak. Here are a few images form the sequence:


Hawk chased by a Swallow


Hawk chased by a swallow


Hawk chased by a Swallow


Then, I guess the swallow had his fill of enjoyment and backed off … although the hawk kept hightailing it out of the area:


Hawk chased by a Swallow


Once again, it’s not the physical size of the combatants, but the size of the fight within them that really counts!  By the way, you might have noticed the hawk’s tail seemed to be in rather poor condition … makes me wonder how far the swallow had been chasing him!  :o) 


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