Skagway, Alaska

This post is the first of several that will be coming from my archives. Having started my blog earlier in 2010, I have several years of images that I will be highlighting via the blog posts, as I get caught up with current photography activities. At the current time, the fall migration has not really started in our area and I thought the archives might supply a mixture of subjects that will not be so repetitious.

This post is is a special one for me. The images were made on an Alaskan cruise in June, 2004. My wife and I had been trying to take my Mom & Dad on an Alaskan cruise for a couple of years, but Mom’s failing health managed to always change our plans. However, we managed to squeeze in this 2004 cruise, and were joined by my aunt and a cousin from Mississippi. This was the last time Mom was able to travel, so it was a special trip for her and Dad, as well. And Mom passed away a couple of years later, so we are very glad to have been given the opportunity to take them on this trip when we did.

One of the ports we stopped at was Skagway, Alaska. My wife and I had been there several times and we knew the train ride up to White Pass would be one trip that Mom could physically handle. So we decided we would take Mom & Dad on the train ride. Here are a couple of images taken on this side-trip:

Skagway, AK harbor (view from train in mountains)

   A view of Skagway harbor, from the train


Skagway, AK train ride

Whoaa … hope we make the turn in the track!

This was a fun little excursion, with some beautiful scenery … but what else would you expect from Alaska?!

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