Sleeping Whales … Followup Post

You may have seen my post a few days ago, titled “Don’t Let Sleeping Whales Lie …”. When I put that post together, I thought I had some much better images than those I ended up using for that post. Well, as I was going through my images for another post this morning, I decided to go back and look at all my raw files that were still on a portable, external hard drive. I was very happy to note that I had some more images there … some that I had not yet imported into Lightroom! So, today’s post will be a followup post to the “sleeping whale” post, using these much better images!

As you may recall, the original post included some images of a large humpback whale lying on the water surface, sound asleep until the Delphinus pulled up close to it and woke it up (we didn’t even know it was there until we were right next to it!). At that time, the whale awoke, performed a loud “blow” and submerged below the surface, with one of it’s pectoral fins stretched out and under the Delphinus. Below are some much better images of the scene. I was standing on the flying deck (the top deck) and captured these images with my 28-135mm lens mounted on my backup camera (Canon 1D Mark II):


Humpback Whale pectoral fin


Humpback Whale pectoral fin



And in this last image, the gentle giant has just awoken. Note the water droplets raining down from his “blow” and you can clearly see the blow hole:


Humpback Whale pectoral fin


Tomorrow, we’ll get back to our adventures, as we were in/leaving Kake, Alaska.

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