Sleepy Time

As I was reviewing images for yesterday’s post of the Brown Bear fight, I ran into a couple of interesting images from that trip to Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp. When the sows with cubs are feeding on fish in the fall, they often will take a nap during the day. But instead of just lying down and sleeping along the water’s edge like the boars usually do, they will dig a “Daybed” that will hold her and the kids while they nap. This first image is the sow from yesterday’s post, along with her 2 cubs, in a daybed that she has just dug:

Brown Bear sow and cubs in a daybed

In the above image, you will notice that mom should probably have dug a little bigger daybed … Junior, on the left, is barely inside the depression, and the little one at the back of the bed doesn’t look too comfortable either!

We came upon an usused Daybed a bit later, so I grabbed a quick shot of it. I purposely left the guest’s feet in the image so one can gauge the size of the bed:

Brown Bear Daybed

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