Spring Warblers Return!

On my kayak outing this morning, a sure sign of spring was observed, the return of the cheery, little warblers!  I had been anticipating this day for the last couple of weeks, but was unsure when they would start returning, as our weather has certainly been up-and-down, like a roller coaster lately.  It started while I was camped out about 50 feet from the beaver lodge, shooting the beavers as they moved about the water.  I heard a familiar “trilling” song!  Although the vegetation on the bank of the creek is still sparse, I could not locate the little guy.  After some time, I decided to move to a more secluded area, out of the pesky wind.  No sooner than I had backed the kayak into a little nook and dropped anchor, one of the little guys flew into a tree right in front of me, a Yellow-rumped Warbler (Dendroica coronata)!

For those new to birding, warblers are small songbirds that typically eat insects.  Often, they are very difficult to identify due their small size, their quickness, and are often obscured by vegetation (these same characteristics also make them more difficult to photograph!).  I’m no expert on the warbler, but I started photographing them a couple of years ago, after I began kayaking.  This is a perfect way to see warblers since they usually inhabit areas surrounding water, such as creeks, lakes, coastal thickets, etc. 

Now that I know the warblers have started arriving, I will concentrate on photographing them.  In addition to the Yellow-rumped Warbler, other warblers that may inhabit my area include the Yellow Warbler, Prothonotary Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, Northern Parula, Yellow-throated Warbler, and the Cerulean Warbler, although I don’t often see some of these species.  As these species move in, I will continue to post images I obtain.  To start, here are a couple of the Yellow-rumped Warbler that I got this morning, from the kayak:

This little guy flew right out in front of me as soon as I anchored the kayak

And then, began singing for me!

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