Status Update: 06/28/16

For those of you reading my blog post yesterday (if you missed it, you can read it by clicking here) and sending prayers, best wishes and healing energy to me and my wife, Karen, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is not an easy thing to go through and certainly not a quick one. But I certainly appreciate everyone’s help! In time, I am planning on getting back with everyone who has left comments or well wishes, but that may take some time. My first priority is being with Karen.

For those interested in the progress (and to help me communicate changes without taking extraordinary time from my schedule), I plan on publishing an updated post as things change … probably every 24 hours or so, as changes warrant and I have time. I will post this on my blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter. If you are not interested in keeping updated, please just dismiss reading the post. As soon as we get things in order, I hope to resume nature postings. But until then, I’m only concerned with, and working on the important issue to me … my wife.

As of today (06/28/16), the following status report is being communicated:

Early this morning, the doctors informed us that her kidneys had worsened overnight (this was predicted by the kidney specialist who has been monitoring Karen). This was confirmed by the creatine levels in her blood, as well as a rising potassium level. One of her Critical Care cardiologists, in conjunction with the kidney doctor, recommended that they insert a catheter in her neck (or leg, if the neck veins were not suitable) and initiate dialysis on a continuous basis.

So after some discussions and the consent signed off, the catherization began. As things went, she was able to get the catheter into her neck (preferable as there is less chance of infection here) and dialysis began late in the morning. The hope was that dialysis would remove the toxins and drug residues from her blood, particularly since her kidneys were not functioning. And the hope was that after she was weened from all the paralytic and sedation drugs, her kidneys would start functioning again. And if not, long-term dialysis would certainly be an option. At that point, our main concern was if she would breathe on her own, if her heartbeat could be maintained at a normal level, and determination of any lasting neurologic issues.

As of this evening, it appears she now has an infection, possibly pneumonia. Sputum and blood samples were taken for analysis. And the cardiologist has ordered antibiotics to be initiated. Her oxygen levels have lowered (after rising yesterday), but Lasix has been given to her (and so far, seems to have leveled off the oxygen level). The only other concern of the moment is the lack of pupil response when a flashlight is shined into the eyes. The nurses say this is a bit abnormal, not to have a response by now, but not necessarily a bad thing. Karen will be checked regularly to see if/when a response is achieved.

I plan on arriving early Wednesday morning so I can talk to the kidney doctor and see how she is doing. I plan, time allowing and sufficient changes, to post again tomorrow. Until then, please continue to hold Karen in your prayers.





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