Enter the Dragon’s Lair, Part 1

Last week while photographing wildflowers, I noticed an awful lot of dragonflies now active. So Tuesday morning I decided to exchange my macro lens for my favorite wildlife lens, the Canon 100-400mm, f/4.5-f/5.6 IS lens and go “dragon hunting”. I was not disappointed … several species were observed and photographed. Today’s post features one of […]

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The New House … and Things To Come!

Following up from my last post, about the beaver’s abandoned lodge, today’s post shows what I found when I decided to kayak the nearby lake. As I paddled back towards the back of the lake, away from where most of the fishing traffic occurs on the lake, I instantly saw this along the bank:   […]

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Abandoned Housing

As I recently noted in several of my blog posts, one of the beaver lodges I love kayaking to, is no longer inhabited by beavers. The reason … the water has essentially dried up, due to the Midwest’s drought of 2012. Located in west-central Missouri, we are in the “Exceptional” drought range of this year’s […]

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Another Lake-Loving Owl

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post of the Great-Horned Owl that I found while kayaking (If you missed that post, click here to see it), I saw a young Barred Owl (Strix varia) sitting in a tree, beyond the Great Horned Owl as I photographed. So, after the horned owl left, I paddled the kayak […]

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Frosty Sunrise at Amarugia

Last week, our early morning temperatures ranged from -5°F to +5°F. On the first morning of these frigid temperatures, I drove out to the local prairie meadow, expecting to find some fog at sunrise (fog had been predicted, but did not develop at this area). The next morning, fog was again in the weather forecast so I again headed out to […]

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