Is Spring Here Yet?

Here it is, early December and already that question is coming to mind! Actually, no cabin fever yet … in fact, I enjoy winter! I’m working on scheduling a wintering bald eagle photo outing for around the first of the year. But spring came into my mind as I just ran across some wild Columbine […]

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Fun Friday: Fresh Air in the Mountains

Today’s Fun Friday post is a “writer’s choice” selection. While maybe not so much funny, it is an image that holds strongly in my mind. While exploring Yankee Boy Basin, we came upon this wonderfall waterfall, surrounded by wildflowers, particularly the Blue Columbine: More wildflower and scenic images coming up, from Yankee Boy Basin. Photographic […]

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A Perfect “10”?

If I were writing a book on wildflowers, today’s subject would probably be my #1 Fave! The Blue Columbine (Aquilegia coerulea) has been a favorite of mine ever since I first found it growing in the Colorado mountains a few years ago (at Maroon Bells). The stunning blue pointed sepals, contrasting with the white petals […]

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Rocky Mountain Beauty

This beauty was found in a small patch of wildflowers, growing down the pathway from where yesterday’s images of the Maroon Bells were taken:         At first glance, I wasn’t sure what this wildflower was, but resembled the Columbine. An ID search later confirmed this indeed was a Columbine. I’ve seen lots […]

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