Golden Beauty

After Glacier NP, my next stop was a place I really love … I’ve been there several times and I’m never disappointed. The place … Lee Metcalf NWR, in southwest Montana. One of the subjects I was after there was the nesting Osprey, but I’ll save those images for another, upcoming post. Today, I’m featuring […]

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Today’s post features a couple more finds during my last kayak outing. A squirrel that crouched low and “hid” from me while I kayaked under a large limb of a dead tree in the water:   And a Common Yellowthroat warbler (Geothlypis trichas) that was foraging among the many sticks of the beaver lodge:   […]

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Masked Bandit

During my recent outings, I have been lucky to see a couple of masked bandit birdsĀ … the Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas). This little bird is always fun to watch, but usually quite difficult to photograph. As with most warblers, it continually bounces around and is difficult to get a good focus on and photographed, before […]

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