Poetry in Motion

Today’s post includes images made during my recent trip to Squaw Creek NWR, in northwestern Missouri. This Trumpeter Swan cygnet is the same cygnet I previously posted about (the single swan, in a refuge pool all by himself). As he preened away, he abruptly stopped, arched upward and flapped his wings in a way only […]

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Fun Friday: “Can You See Me Now?”

During my recent Trumpeter Swan photo trip, I captured this “Fun Friday” post candidate, “Can You See Me Now?”:     While this cygnet was preening, he snaked his long neck behind his wing, with his head sticking out the backside … quite a different sight! I also want to share with my readers a […]

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Cingle Cygnet

Today’s post of the Trumpeter Swans, that I spent 3 days with last week, includes a single cygnet (young swan) that was in a separate refuge pool, all by himself. We don’t know if he just got separated from his parents, or if something happened to them. But he remained in a refuge pool, close […]

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