Fun Friday: Beautiful in Black

While in Des Moines last weekend for the annual art show, I made some time to drive to the nearby Neil Smith NWR to photograph wildflowers and wildlife. One of the highlights was finding and photographing Ebony Jewell-winged Damselflies. I had found a ton of these beauties when in town last year; this year there […]

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On my last kayak outing, I found a Damselfly (species unknown) perched on a plant leaf and hanging over the water. Here are a couple of images I captured of this wonderful insect: The damselfly differs from the dragonfly by the way it carries it’s wings. While the dragonfly lays it’s wings out to either […]

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A Little Time with the Camera

Things have been awfully slow around my home lately, following my head injury and subsequent surgery. And once home, the restrictions placed on me has been a real drag, compared to my normal high level of activity. But with the recent restrictions being slowly phased out, I ventured out a few days ago and took […]

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First Damselfly

During one of my recent kayak outings, I saw my first-of-year Damselfly buzzing the kayak and then settling in on this wonderful plant. Sorry, but I don’t know the ID of this plant at this time. This is the same plant that contained the spider web from an earlier post (“Water Web”). If anyone knows […]

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Black Beauty! (Re-post)

(This post was originally published in June 2010) Yesterday afternoon, as I was mowing our front acreage near the road, I stirred up some really interesting creatures as the lawnmower passed close to where they were perched. I went ahead and finished my mowing and after dinner, I grabbed the camera and went back to […]

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